Saturday, September 13, 2008

9 months and growing so fast!

Oh how the "monthly picture" gets harder and harder to take with our little wiggle worm. First thing, she grabs the paper and takes a good bite. So that is how we started the picture session. She is getting much more mobile and much quicker to escape our grasp. We tried many times to take the picture with the paper and it wasn't working. Notice we never got a smile. We were just lucky to get her to look at the camera! We see many smiles these days but we aren't fast enough to catch them on camera. She is crawling around now, going from room to room. After pulling herself up on the couch, she cruises around, usually after something she isn't supposed to have. Mom and Dad need to learn that the couch isn't a safe place to put things anymore. She loves the remote and our cell phones. She is learning the word "no" and knows certain things she isn't supposed to do or touch. (It doesn't mean it always stops her, but you should see the look on her face if she tries again!) She often growls at us when we say no which makes me a little nervous about the strong-willed personality that is growing! I know, I will be a strength of hers! :) I just think it is so funny to see it already.
She loves books. We read often and she has favorites- "Pat the Bunny," "Bedtime Peekaboo," and "Farm Friends." She even picks up books and looks through them by herself. Sorry Mark, she already has a reading list longer than yours!
She really is such a good natured baby- a very happy girl. The weird thing to me as I look back on the past nine months, I realize that now she seems closer to a little girl than to a baby. WEIRD! It feels like yesterday I was pregnant. This time is flying by. Ahhh...I'm getting sad. Our friend Jess gave us a great book when I was pregnant "Let Me Hold You Longer" by Karen Kingsbury. The book talks about the "lasts" you experience with your child. The last time you rock them, the last time you feed them, and so on. I read it to Addelyn yesterday and got emotional as I realized that some of her "lasts" have already happened. Oh my emotions these days!


Becky Bartlett said...

They're growing up, aren't they?!!? I got that book from someone also and it makes me bawl. :( I liked your videos!!

The Hansen's said...

she is so cute! the hair-cut makes her look older :( and... I have never been able to read through that book without getting teary eyed!!! One time I actually couldn't finish it because I started crying so much! Talk about emotions :) I love the little tot in her pink by the way!

The Burgetts said...

Her haircut looks so sweet and grownup! Riley probably won't need one untill she's 2 at this rate! :0P
I love her outfit in the pictures, Ri had one like that in 0-3mos and it was my favorite, I miss it. It's definitely one of those bittersweet "never again" things for me when I look back at how tiny things were last winter.
They grow way too fast!!! Every one always tells you that when they are newborns. But it's hard to believe until you blink and realize how true it is!