Friday, September 26, 2008

books, books, books

Addelyn LOVES books. When crawling around, exploring the house, we'll often find her by her shelves, pulling out book after book and looking through them. Every night before bed, we read books and she greatly enjoys it. She is very specific about which books she wants to read though. She has a few favorites but her mood is different each night. If she doesn't like the book we choose to read her, she'll let us know by slamming it closed. Our little girl and her personality! :) The other night, I caught her on video- she was in an ESPECIALLY picky mood that night!


The Hansen's said...

This is too great! Seriously, what a little Miss Opinion already :) Love the video... hee-hee

kristie schaul said...

Mark and Kris,
I laughed and laughed when I played this video! I LOVE her! haha!