Thursday, December 18, 2008

happy 1st birthday little girl!

Dear Addelyn,
It is absolutely crazy to think that one year has already gone by with you in our lives. I cannot explain to you how much you have changed my world, my thinking, my actions, my heart, my view of motherhood, of parenting overall, of basically EVERYTHING! And all of this in the best way possible.

You already have a very distinct personality. You have had one since the moment you came out. You screamed the most wonderful, ear-piercing scream when Kim (the most amazing nurse practioner/mid-wife that delivered you) laid you on my chest. You used your lungs a lot those first months when you wanted us to know how you felt about things. And you haven't stopped letting us know how you feel! You have a strong-willed personality but also have a great nature. You are a happy girl and give lots of smiles and giggles. I honestly couldn't have asked for an easier baby. (Although we hope the future babes will show you up! ha ha)

You are an active, on the go little gal. You really haven't been a cuddler since you gained head control. This has been a little sad for me because I'd love to cuddle with you but I guess I'll have to take advantage of those sick "I need my Mama" moments or that small window right before bed when you drink your bottle and lean back against my chest. I do love your adventuring side though and I have a feeling both you and your dad will be challenging me to go on more rollar coasters and do more daring things in the future since I am kind of the "safe" one. Of course, your adventurous side has already led you to fall down the stairs, to have bloody and fat lips, and to put things in places you shouldn't (for example- the toilet).

You are already my little reader- oh how you love those books. You even know the sign language for book, which you surprised your dad and I with the other night. We have been using it for the last few months and honestly thought you were ignoring us! It made me realize- you are taking it all in. One of these days you will continue to surprise us with all you know and can do.

Speaking of that, your new thing is to hold my cell phone up to your ear and pretend you are talking. You have a little conversation with yourself and babble into the phone. It is hilarious. I hope to catch it on video one of these days!
Other things you have taken a liking to in the last year- cats and dogs (no, we aren't getting one), cottage cheese, our DVD collection (they have been your favorite toys for months now), and as of the last month or two, pretty much anything you shouldn't get into- you want to play with - aka the garbage.

This year has been amazing. I can't believe you aren't my little baby anymore- where did the year go? I pray and hope that as the years go on that you will know how loved you are. By your parents, extended family, our friends and church family, and most of all, by God.

We love you Addelyn! Happy Birthday!
Your Mama (and Dada too...)

P.S. I big thanks to our friend Ashley Schrage for taking amazing one year pics! These are just a few of the MANY great pictures.


The Hansen's said...

Okay, this officially made me cry. beautiful note... beautiful mommy... beautiful baby girl. we love you guys!!!!

LindaAlex said...

Kris, What a beautiful letter. You are a wonderful and Godly mother. It is an amazing journey, isn't it? I love the photos, but of course I love the photographer too! Truly Addelyn's beauty shines in the photos. Enjoy the birthday!

Becky Bartlett said...

Amazing pictures, amazing letter to your sweet daughter, amazing that the time has gone so quickly!! Happy Birthday, Addelyn! We love you!

Mom said...

Oh Kris, you made me get teary reading this. Those pictures are absolutely adorable, and capture her so well. I love hearing about motherhood from you!!!


Ashley Schrage said...

i was almost crying sitting at my desk (at work) Soo beautiful! Addelyn is very lucky to have a momma like you!

The Bennings said...

Can you believe Addelyn and Audrey are already one year old?? It's so crazy how fast the year went by. It's fun to stay updated on your family and to see all of your fun pictures of Addelyn.
Happy Belated Birthday, Addelyn! :)

Katie said...

oh my gosh kris, what a wonderfully touching, sweet, honest, and beautiful letter to your baby girl. thank you for allowing us to peek into your lives during this last year, we can't wait to see where addelyn goes next. :)