Sunday, December 7, 2008

turkey, slides, trees, and bubbles

The last few weeks have held some fun moments for our family. I made my first turkey ever when Mark and Addelyn and I stayed home on Thanksgiving. You can see the pictures below which were taken for proof. :) I was actually a little grossed out as I touched the raw bird. The smell got to me a bit. I also forgot to take out the little packet of nastiness that was inside the bird. I found out later, those are the giblets! Whoops. And who knew that a "gravy packet" came along with the turkey. It was a packet of red juice. Gross, I did not use it. Does anyone use it? I'd be curious to know. The experience was good for me. I think I'll do it again...sometime.


I forgot to take a picture of the turkey before I started to carve it! Whoops! It turned out well though. We really enjoyed it. (You can even ask Mark, he would agree!)

Slides.....the fun of going down on your tummy! We spent a night in the Twin Cities with our good friends the Hansens. The guys went to the Vikings-Bears games and we did a little shopping and hanging out at the hotel. We also went to an indoor park, which you can see the kids enjoying above. The indoor park was amazing, they even had an area for babies. It was a fun little get-away for all of us.

The latest thing that Addelyn likes to do while she eats is put her hands in her hair. Needless to say, this makes for a messy eating time.

Addelyn had bubbles in her bath for the first time the other night. She wasn't totally sure what to think about them because there were SO MANY! (Daddy put a little too much in...whoops!)

Finally, this weekend it was time to put up the Christmas tree. Our tradition the past few years has been to break out the Christmas music and decorations and work together to put up the tree. As you can see, Addelyn helped too. We listened to Amy Grant Christmas music (this has been my favorite since high school) and decorated the tree. I absolutely loved the moments with my family. No, we didn't go out in the snow and cut down our own (more power to those of you who do)! I'm thinking someday we will be the real tree people. Or maybe not. Time will tell. For this year, I love my artificial tree. :)

She wanted to eat the bulbs. Of course, if you come to our house, you'll notice that the tree is only decorated on the top half. Oh the life of having a curious little one that is into everything!

This isn't the end result. I guess I didn't get a picture of that. Whoops....more again soon!


Becky Bartlett said...

You got it up!!! Hooray!! :) You're making precious memories for Addelyn!

Ashley Schrage said...

I am also loving our fake tree (for the time being) I have wanted to point out the fact that we also have an area rug with MUCH black in it (and other dark colors) Do you have a problem keeping it clean?! Maybe it's just because we have a REALLY hairy white dog who smashes his bones in to the rug and rips wads of the threads out on to the floor! :)
Addelyn is soo beautiful, I got so many great shots of her! Can't wait to show you!

LindaAlex said...

Kris, I just saw the sneak peek birthday photos of Addelyn! What a gorgeous baby girl. Her eyes sparkle and her smile is amazing! I know you are enjoying her and loving wonderful!