Thursday, February 19, 2009

Time is flying by at fourteen months!

Fourteen months have passed and our little girl is growing up and changing before our eyes. The days fly by and I wonder where my little baby went?!
A new favorite....wearing Mommy's beads. All of the ugly necklaces I am glad I kept (some even from high school). To all of my friends who think I should have gotten rid of them years ago, I told you so. :) I knew I would get use out of them again someday!

Eating dinner. She loves food. Enough said. Oh wait, except for corn. And milk. Notice the corn and milk on the tray that aren't being touched!

Digging through the diaper bag with her friend Addison (Addison is three months older). We had the opportunity to hang out with our friends Bridget and Jon the other night. We don't get to do that enough! It will be fun as the girls grow up so close in age. Right now they are more interested in the snacks or wipes from the diaper bag than each other!

I love that smile.

She carries her books around the house with her all of the time. Right now, her new favorite, a Valentine's Day "Biscuit the Dog" book from Great-Grandma Kramer. The new thing with books- she often wants to look at them on her own. Sometimes Mom or Dad can read but lately we need to let HER read it and let HER hold it.

Hanging upside down with Daddy. Of course Mark is always throwing her and hanging her upside down and doing other daring activities. She LOVES it!
Other things happening at 14 months: saying "Mama, Dada, and Baby" about 5000 times a day. The other words are just her own little language for the most part at this point. Lots of running away- the "chasing" game where she runs from us to her little chair in the living room, always giggling while she runs. She carries things from room to room and stashes random items everywhere. She loves looking at our little picture book we made for her with pictures of the grandparents. She points to them and smiles. She whines every night for cottage cheese until we get it out. She understands A LOT...follows simple directions (or doesn't but knows what the direction was! :) I would say her favorite time of day is bathtime. Her least favorite time of day- 5-5:30 p.m. Wait or is that Mom's least favorite time of day?
Oh good times at 14 months. Now if we can just get through this sickness that is/has been hitting our household!

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Becky Bartlett said...

What a sweetie. I love the beads on her!! Glad you kept those. I probably have quite a few I can add to the collection. :)