Tuesday, November 3, 2009

something to talk about

I read today that a toddler between 18-24 months of age can add a new word to their vocabulary every ninety minutes. I have been in awe of my little girl and her developing language skills. It seems like every day she is saying new things and also making us laugh. A few quotes I don't want to forget:

"I hidin"
She is on a HUGE hiding kick! We often find her squeezed in a corner of a room, with the door shut. She sits quietly until we find her. Oh, and lately she has been found with my makeup and/or toothpaste. The makeup mess happened twice in the last week- makeup EVERYWHERE! On my dresser, on her face, in her mouth, on her clothes, on the counter, on her hands, pretty much everywhere!
"Ahhh nuts!"
We have no idea where this came from. She just started saying this and thinks she is SOO funny!
"Open dis"
Lids, doors, cases, wrappers, etc.
Whenever Addelyn has to do something we know she won't be excited about doing,
we often give her a warning and say, "In one minute we are getting out of the bathtub or leaving the park or changing your diaper." Or we will say "One more minute!" This week she has started saying minutes whenever it is time to be put in her crib at night, time to get out of the tub, or time to get her diaper changed. Gotta love it.
"More rock-a-bye"
Every night either Mark or I read books with Addelyn in her room before bed. Then we turn the lights off and pray and talk and rock in the rocking chair for a bit. Lately she has been bucking against going to bed. Everytime we get up from the chair, she cries out "More rock-a-bye!" It is so hard not to give in! I think Mommy could be the pushover more than I ever thought I would be!
"Beeg gurl"
Addelyn wants to sit at the table like a big girl, drink out of a big girl glass without a lid, and sit on the big potty. She will get a huge grin everytime and continually tell us what a big girl she is! Tonight we had a bit of a battle when she found out she had to eat in her booster seat for dinner.
"Don't like dis"
Exciting! Now I can have two people in my family to rate the cooking! ha ha Tonight Addelyn decided she didn't like anything on her plate that I had made for dinner.
"M & Ms"
She likes M&Ms way too much. She first had them one night when I was gone at Big House. Mark let her do some taste testing! From then on, she has been in love with this candy. We don't really give them to her much but she is always asking. This has really started up again lately since Halloween (she got a HUGE bag of M&Ms from Mark's co-worker). Thanks Justin! :)
"Where ____?"
She continually asks where people are. Where daddy? Where Jess? Where Ilene? Where Papa? Must I go on?
Need I say more?
"I wuf you"
She only says this when we say it first but still it is one of the most amazing things to hear your little one say this to you.

These were just a few of the things we are hearing out of her mouth these days. I love this stage, it is so much fun! If I can get through the noooooooos!


The Burgetts said...

So sweet!! Ri is big on the hiding game too, must be the age! :0) And amazing how long she can do it for.

Anonymous said...

I think you can blame Lisa for "ahh nuts", she says that all the time.


kristie schaul said...

GREAT POST! I loved reading all of those Addelyn words! I can't wait to converse with her the next time we get together! I will make sure to bring lots of M&M's and tell her what a big girl she is---i will totally be IN with Addelyn that way! :)