Friday, November 27, 2009

Thankful moments

I love it when Addelyn is in her cuddly pajamas, has wet hair, and smells clean and like baby lotion. All I want to do is cuddle up with her at this point of the night. Too bad my little girl isn't a cuddler like I am. Often she will push me out of her space that I so quickly invade.

Wednesday night after bath, she was sitting on Mark's lap with her head on his chest, cuddling up next to him. I saw this unusual event and ran over to join in. I laid my head on Mark's shoulder, my face looking straight into Addelyn's. Shen then reached over and put her little arm around my neck- almost as if she was inviting me into the moment. I laid there with my head on Mark's shoulder, looking into Addelyn's eyes, and prayed and thanked God for this moment, for this family. These are the moments I wish I could freeze in time.


Jill said...

Ah sis....I'm so happy you got one of those moments with the lil bug :)

Ashley Schrage said...

what an awesome little story! I'm glad you wrote it down :)