Monday, January 4, 2010

book suggestions

I like to read. Any good parenting books you would suggest? Especially specific to toddlerhood. Potty training. Strong willed children. Discipline. Any of the above!
Would love to hear any suggestions!!! THANKS!


The Burgetts said...

Oooh! "Your Two Year Old" by Illg and Ames (most libraries have it)- AWESOME pure mental and emotional development of the two year old. Give you a HUGE step in understanding what is going on in the brain that year, will help understand certain behaviors. I have found those books *so* helpful.
Also Grace Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel- this is the ONLY Christian parenting book I really would ever recommend. It is not a "this is how you should handle a) b) and c) situations" or even "this is how you and all parents should parent"...It's a look at the Father heart of God. Don't let the title scare you it is not a book on permisivness and actually doesn't talk about discpline per say- it just discusses your attitude as a parent and parenting philosophy. There is SO much great stuff to be taken from it- and push through to the second half (I found it a bit slow about midway but it picked up and was so worth it). It has totally transformed how we view our job as parents. Here is a review gotta run baby fussing!

Karen and Brett said...

One of the best books on discipline is 1 2 3 Magic...I read it before I started teaching!! I used it everyday!!! Using this helps you to not give attention to the negative behavior and also a great opportunity to reteach the correct behavior!

Jamie said...

Dr. Sears: The Discipline Book. He also has a Christian Parenting and Child Care Book that might be beneficial.

Jen said...

Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood -- works wonders with little ones and encourages natural consequences and a lot of thinking. www(dot)loveandlogic(dot)com