Saturday, February 6, 2010

Go Panthers!

Last Saturday, our family headed to the UNI women's basketball game. It was Addelyn's first Panther event. My friend Liz's husband is a coach for UNI and we have been wanting to make it to a home game to show our support.
Addelyn wouldn't smile for a family picture. She HATES pictures right now and is never interested in being in them. She was also busy in this picture as you can see. Picking her nose is her new hobby. Yikes. I am trying to decide if I should really lay down the law about nose picking or just ignore it with the hopes it is just a phase.

"TC" is the mascot that Addelyn was so excited about, yet at the same time, scared of. She kept giggling and asking where he was at but did NOT want him to get too close to her. Mark tried to go visit TC with Addelyn and she was not happy.

Tricia and Addelyn waving to TC.

Liz, as the coach's wife, is at every home game with her son Jackson. Jack is definitely over the hype of going to a basketball game and I give Liz LOTS of credit for chasing a toddler all over the Mcleod Center! She was well equipped with snacks that Addelyn ended up eating too! I had brought snacks but I truly think snacks taste better when they are someone else's.
It was a great family event for the day and UNI won! The only problem of the day- Addelyn kept yelling, "Go Hawkeyes!"


Tyelene Shilton said...

Funny, Kadri hates pictures too right now (I have to bribe her with a treat if I really want her to smile) and she is always picking her nose too . . I haven't decided if I should do something or ignore either, but she is always bringing me her boogers-gross!

Becky Bartlett said...

eeeew. I vote to do something about the booger thing- mostly because I'm a germ freak. :) We attempted a panther game last night with the boys. Glad Addelyn did well!!