Saturday, February 13, 2010

toddler traveling tips?

This week we are going on a trip with my dad's side of the family to North Carolina. This will be Addelyn's second plane trip. Her first one was when she was six months old and I believe it will look a little different this time, considering we have a quite active, independent toddler.

We plan to bring the DVD player for sure as an entertainment option. Any thoughts on a toddler wearing headphones? I started thinking about that today- how do you play a movie without annoying everyone around us?

Any travel suggestions? We can't bring along a booster seat for eating- it is just too big. Chair ideas for eating? Things to bring along for the plane ride? I'm trying to think creatively and also pack efficiently.

Hopefully we can all get healthy by Wednesday and I can be a prepared mom to make our trip go smoothly!


Becky Bartlett said...

I forgot you leave already!! The DVD player will be a necessity for sure. I would guess that the quiet sound of a movie would be less annoying than a screaming child, so if headphones aren't her thing- don't worry about it!! :)

Go to the Dollar Store and buy a bunch of weird little toys that would keep her occupied- then wrap them all up individually. When she starts to get antsy, she can unwrap another 'plane present' to play with. (plus unwrapping takes some time and creative energy also) Boaz got a kick out of the squeezy balls, slinky, playdough, etc.

Snacks, snacks, snacks. We gave him something something to drink when we were taking off and landing to help his ears pop.

Maybe a magnadoodle? New coloring book and stickers? We had a backpack just full of all Boaz's toys as his carry-on. If you're flying with relatives, you'll have a lot of extra hands to keep her busy. And don't feel bad about walking her up and down the aisle a couple times if she needs to stretch her legs. Boaz enjoyed saying hi to random people, but we didn't allow him to do it much so he wouldn't get annoying. It was cute a couple times. :)
HAVE FUN!!! Addelyn will do great!
* oh yeah... pack some sanitizer wipes to wipe down those plane arms and trays before she plays and has food on them!! :)

Kayleen said...

We have this travel booster seat.
It does get quite small, don't know if you have room for that. We absolutely love it and Walker can still fit on it and he's four. If you'd like, you're welcome to borrow ours. I could get it to your dad.

Kayleen said...

Of course you can borrow it! We just keep it around for when company comes. I can drop it off at your dad's if you want. If that doesn't work for you, we can come up with something different. I don't work on Tuesday and am free all day also. Just let me know what works!

Stephanie Bardal said...

I have a few, Kris - but am not a fast typer today ;) When do you leave & will be be at OH at all tomorrow?? Let me know
Thanks, Kris!!! :)

Jen said...

Well I don't have any advice really since Carter has not been on a plane before but I would say a travel magna doodle would probably be a good thing. And I even use my iPod at Target sometimes if Carter is getting restless so I think the headphones would work okay (you might just have to turn it up...Carter just holds it near his ear but I don't have him put the bud actually in his ear). I remember doing these travel games when I was younger...they were kind of cardboardish and had these red windows you slid across to identify objects. Once you found all the objects in a row, you won. Naturally this was good for my sister and I because we would play each other but you could play with her...if they even still make those.

Hope you have a good trip and are all feeling better too!