Saturday, April 24, 2010

catching up on easter

Tanner & Addelyn colored some Easter eggs.

On Sunday afternoon of Easter, we spent time with the Kramer side out at Travis and Jen's house. Here is Addelyn and her cousin Autumn petting their bunny.

They had an Easter egg hunt. Addelyn was easily distracted by the cat.

We hid a few Easter eggs at our house. I told Addelyn she needed to wait until she found all of the eggs to open them. After Addelyn found a few and realized they had some treats inside- she said she was DONE looking for eggs. She wanted to go inside and open her eggs and eat her treats!

My favorite part of Easter was on Easter morning when our family sat down together at the breakfast table to eat. We read Addelyn's new Easter story book that explained the true meaning of Easter and had some good quality family time. Those are the moments I want our family to capture and remember.

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