Friday, April 23, 2010

from the mouth of a child

These are the things we hear out of Addelyn's mouth these days.....

*"Toodles!" This is a mixture of toot and a word from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show- she thinks it is hilarious)
*"I tooted." She announces this everytime with a grin.
*"You help me!" This is when Addelyn wants to help me (in the kitchen usually)- she has her me and you confused!
*"I hit friends?" Addelyn knows she should not hit her friends. However, recently, she has had a little hitting problem with her buddy Ian. So everytime before he comes over, she asks this question - and I swear she has a smirk on her face when she asks me.
*"Nasty." I know, Mom says this word way too much.
*"Are we going that way?" She asks this question every single time we leave the driveway and she points different directions.
*"I go to park." Every day, all day since it has been nice out.
*"What time is it?" She will sometimes ask me this thirty times in a day- as if the answer makes a difference to her.
*"In a little bit?".....OR "after while?".....OR "in a minute?" Usually when she asks me to go to the park, if the answer isn't yes- she responds with one of these questions.
*"6:40." If I say anything about time, Addelyn will say her own time. For example, I got home from running the other morning and asked Mark what time she got up. She responded before Mark could- "6:40."
*"Goodbye! Have fun! I go to ____(insert place)." It is usually Nonnie & Papa's or Ilene's or Austin's or School. She usually has a purse on her shoulder or has my shoes on or Mark's hat on.
*"What is dat?" Over and over and over and over, all day!

These are fun days with many conversations!

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The Burgetts said...

Riley gets her "me and you" mixed up to... My brother accidentally brushed her head with some thing he was carrying and she said "I hit your head!"- it can get really confusing because other times she uses the pronouns correctly and then I have to stop myself from translating. :0)