Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 here we come

I used to have high hopes for New Year's evenings. I always hoped for a fun time, exciting plans, something unique and interesting to do with my time and with the people I love. Back in college I especially remember this hope. And then always the letdown when things never turned out as planned and my New Year's celebration didn't have the zing I would hope for.

This year, our New Year's Eve day and night was perfect. Mark got home early from work. We relaxed, we organized our house - we are still trying to get moved and settled (yes, this equals exciting for me to get a few things done), we played in Addelyn's room with her for a few hours, sang and danced to songs, and told stories. We had tacos for dinner, spread out the blankets and pillows on the living room floor, and settled in for a movie night. We laughed and ate popcorn and M&Ms in our pjs. After Addelyn went to bed, Mark and I settled in for our own movie and found ourselves in bed before the New Year even arrived.

Guess what? That was the best way I could imagine bringing in the new year of 2011. It was a perfect night for this time of life with my family. I'm excited for this year. Making our new house a home, welcoming a new little baby, watching Addelyn grow and learn as a three year old, adjusting to the changes in my job & hopefully seeing God work in new ways. I'm pretty much against New Year's Resolutions but I always like loosely set goals. I've also realized it is good to tell people my goals- I seem to follow through a little more this way. So I'm hoping to continue to work out during this pregnancy, spend more time reading the great books I have floating around my house (meaning less time on internet or TV), spend quality time with Addelyn before baby #2 comes along, open that Bible of mine more and dig in, and love my hubby a little (or LOT) better. So if you know me well and can expect an honest answer, you can always ask how my "loosely set goals" are going!
Happy New Year to you and your family!!!!!!!

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Ashley Schrage said...

I'm excited to watch your family grow in 2011!