Friday, February 11, 2011

all smiles

We survived our first trip to the dentist today. Addelyn did great! She was a little uncertain about the whole deal but handled it all very well. She got to watch cartoons while getting her teeth cleaned, wore sunglasses because of the bright light, and chose bubble gum for her toothpaste. They counted her teeth, cleaned them well, and painted on some flouride. She got a balloon and a packet with a toothbrush, a timer, and a pencil in it. Afterwards, she asked if she gets to go back soon and I said, well- in a year or so (thinking she was excited to go back). She said, "Nooooo! I don't want to go back!" So despite doing well, she may be like her daddy and not love the dentist!
She did ask why she didn't get to bring her "bib" home with her. That little mind was working as always, thinking about playing with babies.

Yeah, so I was "that mom" and took her for a sugary cupcake at Scratch afterwards. What a better treat after getting your teeth cleaned ha ha! I also called it a Valentine's day treat too. What can I say, Mom needs a good excuse to fulfill her sugar cravings!


Becky Bartlett said...

Way to go, Addelyn! We tried the dentist last week and only got the counting done- while Boaz was standing up next to the chair. :) And- now I want a cupcake! That looks good!

Jill Kramer said...

LOVE IT You're such a good mom and I loved hearing about her trip to the dentist-what a sweety!

Trudi said...

Cute post! My mom used to always take us to McDonalds after going to the dentist.