Sunday, February 20, 2011

dollar days

This week we went to the Youth Pavilion on Dollar Day (which is once a month). LOTS of our friends were there so it made the day lots of fun. We even packed a picnic lunch and ate there. It is a great place for kids- so much to do!
Picture with our friends (missing a few)
Baking in the play oven
Doing crafts

Playing dress up on the big stage. Addelyn was a chicken- my favorite was the tail!

Addelyn and Quinlynn. Need I say more!?

Milking the cow

Harrison driving the car!

The girls were "buying" and "selling" the fruits. There is a cute little store with fake money.

Boaz and Addelyn did some digging!

Avery, Austin, and Addelyn liked the cave. You could draw on the cave with chalk and put on a vest with a flashlight and walk through the dark cave.

Avery and Addelyn on a joy ride! Scary to picture these two in a real car in about thirteen years!!!

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Becky Bartlett said...

Fun pics! We'll have to do that again! Sad Boaz didn't cooperate for the group shot. I really like the car picture... and the thought of them as teenagers!! :)