Sunday, April 10, 2011

five years of wedded bliss

Five years married and 30 weeks pregnant

April 1st was our five year wedding anniversary. We were up at 5:40 a.m. that morning- on our way to Covenant hospital for Addelyn's adnoid and tube surgery. So we spent our anniversary weekend nursing our little girl. We had planned a hotel night away but cancelled because of the last minute surgery option. Mark and I laughed that morning as we drove to the hospital- as we thought about ourselves five years ago. We talked about that day- April 1, 2006- how we were clueless to what our life together could bring. Little did we know, five years from that special day....we'd have had such interesting, unique, amazing, sad, happy, wonderful memories.

In five years- we have spent time house sitting, have gone through large job changes, have had roommates, have lived in the basements of two of our friends (for short time periods), have lost a grandparent & amazing childhood friend, have deeply grown in our friendships with new and past friends, have watched family relationships both grow and change, found out we were pregnant after one year of marriage and our life was changed when Addelyn Nicole arrived, have learned a lot about parenting (and have realized we have so much more to learn), have traveled together, have fought hard, have cried, have laughed a lot, and now are awaiting another bundle of joy! Happy five year anniversary to my husband. Thanks for the great five years- can't wait for another five. Wonder what life will look like on April 1, 2016?

P.S. We did get to go on a short one hour date to the Montage (our fave and where we had our rehearsal dinner) which we ENJOYED!!!!

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