Tuesday, April 19, 2011

so gross

Addelyn and I had a good little chat the other night as I laid with her before bed.

"Mommy, I decided I like to eat my boogers." she said.
"Oh, Addelyn that is so gross," I told her.
A long pause...........
"Yeah, but didn't God or Jesus make boogers?"

"Our boogers are full of germs and our body is trying to get rid of them! We can't put them back in our bodies once they leave," I told her.

Another long pause...........
"Well, they don't taste gross so I really like them."

How do you even argue with this? Ahhhh, what do I do? Any booger eating remedies?


Jen said...

Oh I have no idea! Carter does the same thing. He will get me into a corner so quickly and I don't like saying because I said so or anything like that. I usually just drop anything when he does that and let him think on it and try again next time. Maybe explain to her that germs are tiny little bugs? Or would that freak her out too much?

Jen said...

Oh and let me tell you these two things to make you feel better about the boogers. The other day at the park Carter ate "something like a gummy, it pink Mama!" (errant skittle I hope) and picked up a piece of dried out poo asking "what is this?" I about died both times.

Jen said...

There is a book called "I Am a Booger, Treat Me With Respect" by Julia Cook. I don't remember if it would be too advanced for. 3-year-old but I'm sure you could paraphrase if need be. :o)