Monday, April 25, 2011

sibling class

Covenant Hospital offers a Sibling Class for 3-4 year olds who are expecting a little sister or brother. Addelyn and I attended the class together and it was a fun experience. Our friends Becky and Boaz also attended. Addelyn is very excited about her new little brother and she also loves babies so it was a great option for her! They did some sharing about the items babies use, for example binkys, bottles, diapers, etc. Addelyn loved this part. There was a short movie about a baby brother/sister being born. They got to "learn" how to put on diapers on dolls. Addelyn didn't listen to instructions- she was already done putting her diaper on before the lady was finished instructing. Then they got to do a footprint, like what her new baby brother will have done when he is born. Afterwards, we went up to the fourth floor, where baby brother will be born and we looked at the room and the nursery. It was a fun morning as we countdown til baby brother arrives!

Oh and I forgot to mention, Addelyn has been doing her own hair these days, can you tell?


Becky Bartlett said...

What a funny morning! Glad we got to do that with you! :) You're going to have a good little helper on your hands! Now Boaz, on the other hand...???

The Garvin's said...

Glad you got in before the baby and she liked it!! Ella loved the class too and the footprints were her favorite part! :) So excited for your baby boy to get here!