Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baby? YES.

We have all known about Addelyn's baby infatuation. Some thought it would slow down or end once Jace got a bit older- once he wasn't "new." Yeah right!
This girl is obsessed. The obsession has changed a bit now. It now is more of a pretend play that has to do with babies. The things we hear these days:

"I have a baby bump."
"I have a baby in my belly."
"I just had my baby."
"I'm having twins."
"My baby came out."
"I can't eat that/drink that because of my baby."
"I need to pump after dinner."
And many more....let me tell you. Somedays I think she really thinks she has a baby inside of her. It is what she talks about 80% of her day. Dinner time conversation is centered around her baby. Ohhh baby.


The Hansen's said...

HA-ha! She told me couldn't drink her milk yesterday because the baby doesn't like it. :)

Anonymous said...

haha. love this. i can just hear her saying these thing too---esp about eating/drinking certain things. never a dull moment. :)