Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my girl

I figured I needed an "Addelyn these days" post too. So here is what she has been up to. First of all, she has been taking care of Jace. Yes, we are still working on not smothering him! She is getting better about giving him space, most days. She is also helpful- like today- he was fussing while I was trying to get bags packed. Suddenly he was quiet and I walked into her holding in his binkie and comforting him.

She naps. Well, kind of. Most days she has "quiet time" and plays. This day she chose to nap in her toy bin! She was covered by her "Tink" - her favorite blanket and I had to capture a picture.

She colors, draws, writes....she can do this for long periods of time, which is great when I'm nursing Jace. She is a creative little girl.

Baby time- she nurses baby, puts baby to sleep, rocks baby, and more! Something to note- the baby in this picture was mine when I was a little girl!

She is growing up so quickly. Somedays I just stare at her in amazement - as I see this little girl grow up before my eyes! What a sweet little person, well, most days!


Jill said...

Well she is going to make a good little mom someday---just like you!!!

Jill said...

Love the toy bin pic. So glad you captured that on can just barely see her head! Oh sweet lil miss.