Tuesday, December 27, 2011

animal lovers

Jace loves Ma (my mom's cat)

Abbie, one of my kids' favorite dogs (Mark's parent's neighbor's dog)

Our friends just got dog #2. I will admit, this dog is stinking cute. But he is still a dog and I really will not be swayed. I like animals- somewhat- when they are outside on the farm. I grew up with big ole dogs, rottweilers and a mastiff- but they were outside and I could run around and play with them and then go inside. Does that sound heartless? Probably.

So for some reason, I have two kids who love animals. Addelyn has loved animals since day one and come to find out, Jace does too. My mom has a cat and Jace gets so excited to have the cat near him. He met Abbie in the pictures above (Mark's parent's neighbors' dog- Addelyn has loved Abbie forever) and Jace also loves her. And then there is Kacey and now Percy, our friend's dogs. He loves them too, along with his sister. He will grab at them and smile and laugh.

Tonight's bedtime conversation goes a bit like this....
(remember, this girl is also trying to stall going to sleep.)

"Daddy, I need to tell ya something.
I have been wanting to tell you.
Really really wanting to tell you.
I really, really, really love.....
Can we get a dog like Dave and Jess?


Ellen said...

Kitties are pretty low maintenance, besides the feeding and litter boxes. I'm always a big proponent of people getting kitties :)

The Hansen's said...

Ah, come on mom!! Percy has 3 siblings ready for a home :)