Monday, December 19, 2011


This little girl LOVES to be in the kitchen with me, helping. She does a great job. The main issue we are working on is NOT sticking our fingers in the batter and licking and then going back for more! Ahhh the germaphobe in me tries so hard not to freak out. So with promises of a lick at the end- I usually can keep her fingers out of the goods *unless I turn my back too long!
Hopefully this week we can bake some yummy Christmas goodies. Addelyn asked last night when we were going to bake cookies for our neighbors. Fun times, enjoy your Christmas week!

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Aunt Jill said...

Love this picture of you two. It's so great. At first I thought you were wearing a breastfeeding coverup and then I realized its an apron haha. Good work mom!