Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a trick?

I'd like to think my daughter is just the sweetest little almost four year old I know.
"Mom, I'd like to brush your hair today before my quiet time."
So after books, when I usually go out to leave her to her quiet time (or possibly nap, which pretty much never happens anymore) instead I laid on her bed and let her brush my hair.
Ahhhh, I love it. Getting my hair brushed is on my "top-ten-things-I-love-that-no-one-ever-does-for-me-and-it-would-be-weird-to-ask-list."
I passed out. She had the run of the house because she knew exactly what I was doing. Sleeping. On her bed. During her quiet time.
This little girl knows me pretty well and what makes this sleep-deprived mom fall asleep. Do you think it was a trick? Or just a sweet little girl, innocently brushing her mom's hair? Today, this momma just doesn't care. I got my hair brushed and a fifteen minute power nap. Thanks, Addelyn!


Ashley Schrage said...

that is so great!

Tyelene Shilton said...

that's funny.. they are always smarter than we think! lol I also love to get my hair brushed!

Ryan and Leah said...

I can't stop laughing. That's hilarious!! I love it!

Becky Bartlett said...

Ooooo.... I can only dream Myka would do that for me someday! For now, Cainan just cracks me on the head with the brush. :)

Hannah Joy said...

GIGGLE! Hard to say, but either way SWEET!! <3 Amity is the same way with hair brushing. It's so funny to watch her literally melt into a puddle and almost fall asleep when we brush her hair.