Sunday, June 3, 2012

influential photos

I loved the idea to take pictures of your kid's "influential people" during seasons of their lives. Here are two that I really have seen impacting our sweet girl Addelyn.
Top picture- Miss Kim. She has been Addelyn's Sunday School teacher. An amazing woman that has loved on Addelyn. She welcomes her with the biggest grin, encouraging words, smiles, and hugs. I truly believe she is making the church a place that Addelyn wants to go because she feels loved and encouraged.
Second picture- Ilene. Ilene started to babysit Addelyn when she was around 8 months old. I worked full time until Addelyn was two so you can imagine how much time Addelyn spent at Ilene's house. And now she is there part-time. Ilene has been amazing- more than daycare- but a place where Addelyn has felt loved, has grown as a little person, and has learned so many things.

I know that it takes a village to raise kids. Here are two of the many, many amazing people we have in our community of support. I'm so thankful.