Monday, June 25, 2012

tiger fun day

The Tiger Fun Day is such a great event thrown by the CF track coach and students. It is a free event. The kids got a t-shirt and had fun for an hour, doing "track" activities. Addelyn was nervous at the beginning- this was a whole new thing for her! But after awhile, she warmed up. She was in a group with her friend Avery so that helped a lot. First event, the hurdles!

Second event, the balloon toss. The best part, the girls stood and passed their balloon back and forth- never really threw it!

Third event, the long jump. Too cute to watch them run and jump. And be kinda confused about what they were supposed to do!

Last, the relays. This event was confusing for the kids. Batons? Passing to each other? Waiting to run until the person before you comes toward you? What?? Kids running everywhere!

The last race- run to the finish line! (While all the parents yell and scream and cheer!)

All of the little Tigers and also the high school track kids who helped with the day. What a fun time!!! (Also a great "event." Addelyn is NOT ready for a consistent sport or activity at this point!)


Becky Bartlett said...

I wish I would have known about this!! Boaz has been practicing his long jumping!! :) You'll have to let me know about cool stuff like this if you hear of it! I'm so out of the loop!

Karen and Brett said...

When was this? AJ would love doing something like that especially getting his own CF shirt!