Wednesday, June 27, 2012

jace is one!!!

It seems crazy to me that my little boy turned one year old already. It hardly seems like a year has gone by. We celebrated his birthday on a Saturday - with a Cheerio themed party. Why wouldn't we go for Cheerios, it is one of the only things he really loves to eat!  My mom got him a cute Cheerios onsie but of course, I didn't get a good picture of it!

I have a desire to make good cakes for my kid's birthday parties. I can't really explain where this desire came from- maybe the fact that my mom used to do all amazingly decorated Wilton cakes of anything we wanted growing up- Popples, Alf, Care Bears, Barbie- anything. So maybe that is why when birthdays roll around, suddenly I wish I was talented in this area. Reality hits though- as I try my best to do what I can. For Addelyn's first birthday- she had a homemade cake with no sugar. This time around, I gave up on that idea. This year my plan was for a homemade, yummy cake with homemade frosting- ended up with box made cupcakes and a last minute screw up of homemade frosting. So I ended up with canned frosting too. I had a few minutes of adult tantrum before the party started and then I got over it. I know, I know- there is absolutely nothing wrong with using a box mix or canned frosting! And Jacers didn't know the difference. I can't explain it, my own desire or obsession to do this cake thing well. It would probably help if I tried to meet this goal not just on birthdays. So friends and family, be expecting some "practice cakes" this year while this momma tries to perfect her cake making!

"Jacers is One" - (One is with the Cheerio). Thanks Pinterest!

The Great-Grandmas hanging out with Jacers on the porch. I love that my kids have the opportunity to know some of their very special great-grandparents!

The Papas making ice cream. Don't those smiles just look like trouble?

Mark- the grill master. Thanks babe for taking on the grilling for our party! Made the "cooking" much easier.

Papa Marvin pushing Jace and playing around.

Jace, the boy who really doesn't like lots of food, tries his cake. Don't you love his face? This is the face he gives most of the time when trying foods.

Addelyn helped him warm up to the idea of cake.

Hmm, playing in cake is kinda fun. Not sure I want to eat it though.

Okay, this is FUN! Loving making a mess!

Why not go for the hair?!? And guess what? Jace did end up eating some cake. In fact, I had to take it away from him. Yes, I think this boy has a sweet tooth.

After a quick bath, it was present time! He liked the bows!

Good thing uncle Ben, sister Addelyn, and neighbor boy Alec were there to help out with gift opening!

Loving the new hat for this winter!

A scooter= too much fun for everyone. Addelyn is now obsessed with this scooter and it is a daily fight over who gets to play with it.

Addelyn got her chair for her first birthday- and now Jace did too. Fun times! And of course, had to end the pictures with Daddy, who gets to put everything together (Papa helped). 
It was a fun first birthday celebration for a sweet little one year old boy. We love you Jacer boy!

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Allison Mussig said...

Popples?!?!? I totally forgot about Popples until I read it here. I just LOVED mine as a kid! Fun memories! PS: I have NO idea how that would translate into a cake!