Saturday, September 1, 2012

14 months

Summer is not my best blogging season! I figure, we are outside making memories- rather than recording them! So as Jace will be turning 15 months old next week, I better get his 14 month pics up on the blog!
What to remember about 14 months:
*Still not eating great, except nursing! This month weaned from nursing during the day- so now I'm only feeding him in the morning and night. It was tough for a few days but overall, he did great! Now we have a new routine for when I put him down for naps (the part I was worried about him adjusting to). He cuddles his head on my chest and wraps those little arms around my neck. I absolutely love it- I didn't want to lose our special bonding time and I feel like we definitely haven't.
*Teething! This boy has hardly been a fussy baby in his fourteen months of life- just these last few weeks, there have been some days that I would say count for FUSSY! Yikes. But he has gotten four molars in the last weeks. They are in fact, still pushing through. This has meant for some rough nights, poor buddy!
*On the go, walking and running EVERYWHERE! Does not sit still for long!
*Loves, loves, loves being outside
*Loves to laugh and make us laugh too
*Likes to dance (the "stiff arm" is what we call it)
*Looks like Papa Dar (EVERYONE says this!)
*Loves books, will sit and look through them by himself all the time- or will bring one over to you and plop down in your lap
*Two naps a day- morning and afternoon
*Overall, an easy going, happy little boy! (yes, I feel like more and more- he looks like a little boy and not a baby!)

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