Monday, September 24, 2012

summer montage

These pictures don't capture our whole summer, but they do grab snippets. We had friends over at various times during the summer for grillouts. Above is a picture with our buddy Lincoln from one of our fun grillout nights.

Bike riding. Addelyn got more comfortable on her wheels this summer and Jace jealously wanted to follow in her footsteps. I would bet next summer he'll be on a bike for sure.
As you can see, the cozy coup isn't as fun once you have sat on a REAL bike! He did hang out in the coup a lot this summer though.

Our neighbor boy spent lots of time over in our yard playing! (He introduces Addelyn to lots of outdoor, animal hunting, frog hunting type of stuff!)

Our buddy Jack had a new baby sister and he got to come for an ALMOST slumber party one night! :)

Jace played with trucks. And more trucks.

Quinlan Family Olympics. This was a weekend of family golf, hanging out, and more. Above, the adults are trying to win the bubble blowing contest. I was close but it didn't happen for me. The kids participated in all sorts of fun contests!

Grandma Stewart came over and read some books.

We made cookies and cards for the new neighbors and we ate some too!

Jace made his own picture.

Jace snuggled with Papa Marvin. Yes, this boy loves to snuggle his Papa.

Jace is "hiding" in this picture- one of the fun games we play around our house.

Addelyn still played "mother" all summer. Despite this boy being over the age of one, his big sister likes to baby him. I was in the bathroom and came out to Addelyn feeding Jace a bottle with water. Doesn't he look huge in this pic?
These pics don't even tell the story of our summer but do give special memories we made along the way!

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Manfulls said...

Jace does look so big on Addelyns lap! Love the pictures. It's time for another play date:)