Saturday, September 22, 2012

recent quotes

I've been writing these words from Addelyn down so I don't forget. Here are from the last few weeks:

At dinner one night, she said this out of the blue:
A:  "My husband died. I got another one...."
We must have had the weirdest looks on our faces after that one.
A:  "Mom, isn't that okay to get another husband if yours dies?"
Me:  "Well, yes Addelyn. When we get married we say we'll stay with someone for the rest of our lives. So if one person passes away, it is definitely okay to get remarried when you are ready to and meet someone."
A:  (Looking at Mark) Yep, Dad.....just so you know, Mom is going to marry someone else if you die!"

Another moment during the day:
A:  "Mom, I really, really want to get married! Will you help me find a husband?"
Me:  Addelyn, you don't have to get married anytime soon. But someday I will definitely help you find a husband! It has to be someone that is like your Dad though!"
A:  "Yep and someone who doesn't say bad words, like turds and poop."

After preschool:
"Mrs. Knapp (her teacher) is just soooo cute! She wears belts on the OUTSIDE of her dress! It is just SOOO cute! Can I get a belt to wear on the outside of my dress?"  (using her hands to tell this story a lot! Where did my daughter get such a desire for fashion??)

Another day:
"Mom, when are you having a baby? Why not yet? Maybe next week? Or the week after?"
(this girl is baby crazy!!!)

Commercials have started to catch this girls attention. Aggh. Out of the blue:
"Mom and Dad, have you considered getting me a Gerber Life College Fund? You probably should!"
A few days later:
"Dad, I don't think your lunchbag keeps your sandwiches cold enough! You need a Pack It. It will keep your sandwich cold for TEN hours!"

After a terrible tantrum, where she said some mean words, we were talking through things:
Me:  "We use kind words in the Hoskinson house. Those words are unacceptable."
A:  "What if we move houses? Can I say that then?" (she was completely serious)

This girl! She can make me want to scream and make me laugh and make me smile all within ten minutes! Gotta love her!

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Karen and Brett said...

Thanks for sharing Kris! I just love hearing how kids think and reason through life!! So precious!