Tuesday, December 25, 2012

17 months (and 18 & 19......)

This kid does NOT like to sit and eat. (Or eat, but especially sitting down!) So often if I can get him to eat, he is running around with it. I've given up on fighting this most days. This is why my couches often have food smudges and my cupboards have many fingerprints and you can often find crusted food chunks in various places around the house. I have decided that someday I will miss these smudges/prints/chunks of food and my little people making the messes so in the meantime, I am going to embrace this stage. And be glad I have old couches with covers at this point! So every once in awhile, I can throw the covers in the wash!

I am officially done with the monthly pics. Jace is almost 19 months old and here is my 17 month post. I'm over it. I tried. 

Addelyn helped this month by writing the 17 month sign! Notice how Elmo is by Jace's side. Yep, this kid loves "Melmo." At 17/18/19 months- Jace is our funny, happy, sweet boy. He loves chips, "Melmo," his Papas, tractors, "buttball" (football), "backetball" (basketball), his sister (most of the time!), and making people laugh.
We love you sweet Jacer boy!

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