Sunday, December 9, 2012

fall finish

The first snow marked the fact that I am behind on my fall blogging. This post is dedicated to some of the fall happenings at our house. Especially the activities found on our Fall To Do List - which we did finish for the most part!

Pumpkin carving time! Jace thought he'd start out by sitting on the pumpkin. Don't let Addelyn's summer outfit throw you off- this picture was taken the week before Halloween. Clothes are not my battle these days!

This year she was a little more excited to pull out the gunk. Jace wasn't too interested until later on- he finally would stick his hand inside.

Addelyn helped poke holes and Dad did the grunt work (as always).

Our four year old at Halloween!

Didn't that one turn out cute?

Bobbing for apples! I'm not going to lie, I find this activity really gross. People sticking their faces into the water, then drooling and spitting all over, and then the next person goes. Awesome. But a fun fall activity, hee hee. So I got over it and we had fun with it. 

Jace was not really entertained with this activity, can you tell?

Even the roomie got in on our fun. 

Addelyn struggled to get her apple but FINALLY made it happen. She was proud!

Family picture- Halloween night with our little trick or treaters.

The first stop- our yearly stop at the Hansen's for their fun party. Lots of good friends and a good bowl of soup before we head out trick or treating. Love these sweet buddies.

This year we hit a few places- but didn't get pictures everywhere. We did catch some at the Boelmans.

And Cali and Nick's house- our last stop. The kids were on a sugar high and ran circles around their living room. 

This kid was obsessed with candy, once he figured out what the routine was. Trick or treat, get good candy, try to eat it. He was mad the whole way home because I wouldn't let him have anymore.

We got to trick or treat at Grandma Stewart's school a few days after Halloween which was fun!

Isn't this the cutest little dragon that you have ever seen?  Yeah for fun fall days!

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