Monday, June 30, 2014

kindergarten recap

Where does time go? This year, my sweet girl started kindergarten and it truly seemed to fly by. She started out the year as a shy and timid little girl and it is crazy to see the change in her confidence. The first many, many days, I would walk her to the door and she would hold my hand until the minute she had to go inside. She would INSIST that I wouldn't leave until the last possible second. By the end of the year, she was kissing me goodbye in the van and running up to the door. One of the last days, I offered to walk her up and she said, "Nope, I'm fine, Mom!" I still did though:) This Momma isn't ready to give that up yet! 

She had so many sweet classmates and it will be fun to get to know more of the kids and their families in the upcoming years.

Mark and I both got to go and eat lunch with her at various times through the year. One of the special days I ate with her was on her birthday. I brought her Jimmy Johns and she was pumped!

One cold special morning this year before school, we went through Starbucks for a special hot chocolate treat.

Her 100 days of school project- 100 stickers. I think we recounted this 50 times!

This is the book walk at the School Fun Fair. Oh the Fun Fair. You don't know fun until you have gone to the Fun Fair!

Her end of the year concert, she was super excited and nervous.

The end of the year Talent show- kindergarten did "Pete the Cat."

They also had an end of the year field trip to Palmers right after Maddox was born. Mark got to go with her and they had a blast- mini golfing, go-cart riding, etc!

The last day. So crazy. Mrs. Beisner was Addelyn's teacher. She absolutely loved her. She is a wonderful, sweet woman- a great first teacher for Addelyn.

She got to pick her last day of school meal- she wanted spaghetti and pink cake. So we had spaghetti and pink cake! 
Crazy to think we head off to first grade in just six weeks!

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