Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Maddox Mark

This pregnancy was a rough one. Yikes, from early on, I felt super sick. And puked. And laid on the floor. And puked more. Mid second trimester I felt better for awhile. And then the last trimester was pretty rough again. So needless to say, when May rolled around...I was counting down the days til baby would come out. One night I had terrible contractions (make you puke ones, for hours and hours, minutes apart). I was sure baby was ready to come and went to the hospital early the next day, bags packed. And then they stopped. And baby did not come. So I went home. I walked with my lovely friend Katie, hoping that baby would make his way into the world. Finally, it was a Tuesday night, after walking and other various activities, that contractions started. I did some work, cleaned, and watched trash TV until 2 in the morning, hoping the contractions wouldn't stop. They didn't so I decided to finally try to get a little rest until they got closer together or until morning came. I couldn't really sleep so at 4 am, I got up and showered, packed my bags, cleaned my kitchen, and folded laundry. I anxiously waited to call my midwife- wanting to try to hold out to call her closer to the time she would actually be awake. I woke up Mark finally around 6 and we got the kids  rounded up and ready to head out the door. We took them to the Roger's house and that is where we got our last family picture as a family of four. Thankful for friends you can wake up early in the morning who will love on your kids. I can't even tell you the amazing stories of our friends during/after this pregnancy. Watching kids on sick days, during appointments, running over food for your family, painting and decorating your house...and more support once we had a new babe. Seriously, the best of friends to walk with through life.


When we got to the hospital, they checked me and I was dilated to a 4-5 already. We got settled and I started to walk. I was figuring out if I wanted to get an epidural this time or not. Well, I went for the drugs. 

Here is a picture of my awesome mid-wife, Kim, who has delivered all my kiddos. We just love her. She is amazing. Now comes a pause in the pictures. My beautiful labor pics are saved for non-blogger eyes only. If you'd like to see them, ask me personally- I'm not against sharing- just not on the World Wide Web!
Labor went pretty well. Until we realized the little guy had moved and was transverse. Lets just say, things got a little rough but he made it out!

Here is the little man getting weighed after I had held him- born at 1:32 pm on May 21st. He weighed 7 lbs, 14.8 oz, and was 20 1/8 inches long. He screamed bloody murder for 20 minutes after birth. Little did we know, we'd hear that scream a lot in the next six weeks.

I love, love, love this picture. For so many reasons.

Daddy finally holding the little guy after I had nursed him. I love my hubby. He definitely rocked this third birth- moved out from behind the rocking chair that he hid behind when Addelyn was born and stood next to when Jace was born. He was taking lots of pictures through birth and moving around! Maybe if we have more kids, he'll catch the kid! Ha, not a chance!!!

Love Mr. Maddox.

Big Sis and Big Bro came up for the first time. They were super excited.

Can you tell how proud and happy Miss Addelyn is about this baby?!

Nonnie and Papa Hoskinson

First family picture as a family of five!

Papa Marvin and Nonnie Lora Kramer

Generations....with my Mom and Grandma Stewart

First bath, screamer baby!

When Jace came to visit, we all of a sudden looked over and saw what he was up to. This kid!

Sleepy baby!

This little man just wanted to suck! Within the first 24 hours we had to give him a binky. It made him much happier.

Love the sleepy daddy picture.

Daddy changing one of the first diapers- I always try to catch this picture with my babes.

Going home, my sweet little monkey! Crazy to think how fast our hospital stay went. We had great nurses and staff at Covenant. Oh I love giving birth. I know it may sound crazy but if pregnancy and child raising was easier, I would have SO MANY babies!!!!!!!!

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