Sunday, August 17, 2008

8 months

Eight months already. Craziness. The first year of Addelyn's life is flying by. Her weight at this point is 17 lbs, 13 oz. and she is 27 inches long. These days she is starting to be much more mobile. She isn't quite crawling...but is up and rocking. She rolls and scoots to get around. Below are some great pics from the month of what is happening these days at the Hoskinson household.

Addelyn can't get up all by herself yet but with a little help she makes it. She loves being in a standing position!

The favorite toy right now is Noah's Ark. Addelyn loves to take the animals out of the ark and of course, put them in her mouth.

As you notice, pretty much everything goes to the mouth!

Her tongue is the new discovery! She loves to stick it out and also makes a lovely growling sound to go with it. A trick taught by Daddy! :)

Just woke up from a nap....she now is sitting up, waiting for us whenever she wakes up!

She loves these rice crackers called Baby Yum Yums.

My friend Tricia and I and our two babes made a quick trip this month (an overnighter) to visit our friend Christina in Wisconsin. Christina and her husband Ryan just moved into a beautiful new home and it was fun to see her and catch up. Above is a picture with the three babes (this is the best one we could get with all of them in it!) Logan is Christina's son and is two. Tricia's son, Trey, is a little over three months old.

Logan and Addelyn took a bath together. He was a wild man and she looked on. :)

Christina and Logan in the front, Tricia and Trey in the back
Finger food time has begun....Cheerios and peas. Once she found the Cheerios, the peas weren't touched again. Hopefully she'll be a better veggie eater than Mark. The only problem, now that we started with some finger foods, she isn't as excited to be fed from a spoon. She gets frustrated and wants to feed herself! I told Mark- it is sad to think she has already reached a stage in her life where she is seeking independence from her parents!

That is our life with an eight month old!


Jess said...

Could this girl look any more like her dad!?!? the pig tails are SO CUTE! I love them :)great pictures...great moments caught... where did the last 8 months go? They will be 1 before we know it :( Love watching her grow... :)

kflats00 said...

oh i just want to pinch those cheeks! look how long her hair is getting. she's so cute :) and eating her vegetables i hope.

Becky Bartlett said...

Peas and cheerios... always my favorite combo. :) I love this little girl!

Ashley Schrage said...

you better blog stalk ! :) I'm sort of hoping you get a new post up of that cute little girl though. Not that the 8 mo pics aren't wonderful, but i've looked through them probably 5 times now :)