Thursday, January 13, 2011

birthday party

Yep, still catching up on the blog these days. Addelyn had two "parties" for her third birthday. Since we moved on her birthday weekend, I wasn't sure what was going to happen but we ended up being able to have a fun little party for her after getting somewhat "settled" in our house. The grandparents came over (minus Grandma Stewart who was sick with the flu), Jill and Levi, and our other "fam" the Hansens. We ate some pizza, opened some gifts, and had cake.
Her new monkey hat that she loves!

Ahhh Tinkerbell, one of our faves these days. Thanks to Great-Grandma Kramer for the blanket that she sleeps with every night!

Austin and Addelyn loved the table that Addelyn got from Grandma Stewart. She pulls out these Dora chairs every day for some reason or another.

We have learned Addelyn is not a big fan of being the center of attention for the "Happy Birthday" song. She threw a fit when we sang!

Her "Ringo" cake. Ringo is Randy and Marla's dog that Addelyn is in love with. She asked to have Ringo on her cake this year. I'd like to say I worked hard and made the cake but with everything happening around her birthday, I just couldn't pull it off. Addelyn loved it.
I think she had a fun and great third birthday. I mean seriously, what other three year old gets a new house for her birthday?

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