Wednesday, January 19, 2011

things heard in our home

You know those moments where kids say things you never want to forget?.....

Addelyn and I were talking about falling on the ice. I said, "Sometimes people fall down if they aren't careful." She replied, "Yeah, that is what they say."

She is our fighter. After we put her to bed, some nights she will yell and cry forever. We have to laugh at the things she says some nights. Her newest phrase (remember this is YELLED at the top of her lungs, while crying and is said OVER and OVER and OVER)...."I NEED A KLEENEX, A BURP CLOTH, AND I DON'T LIKE THIS ROOM!"

A good night prayer these days can be hilarious. Addelyn will often go on and on. "Dear God. Thanks for my Mommy and Daddy. Thanks for Newman the dog (this is her friend's from the babysitters dog). Thanks for my toes. Thanks for my other toes." Toinght she listed off everything in sight (every toy, book, furniture item she could see).

I told her it was time for the girls to go inside (meaning the two of us) and she responded, "Mom, you aren't a girl. You are a lady. And a Mommy."

Addelyn ate a great dinner the other night which was a pleasant surprise as lately dinner time has been a bit of a battle. She looked over to Mark and said, "Pound it, Daddy!" and offered out her little fist.

"Mommy, I tooted! Wanna come and smell it?" she said the other night.

Mark sometimes goes into Addelyn's bed in the morning to wake her up and snuggle with her for a few minutes. This morning the first thing she did was reach over, rub her hands across his face, and say, "Daddy, you're the greatest."

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