Thursday, January 13, 2011

christmas celebration #1

She got a Jesse doll from Toy Story! She loves her!


We celebrated Christmas with my mom, Tanner, Levi, and Jill at our house on Christmas Eve day. The roads were terrible but Mom braved it and made it over and we had a fun day together. Of course, I did a terrible job at getting pictures from the day. We relaxed, ate goodies and pizza, and opened gifts. Mark and Levi "cleaned the driveway" (played in the snow) in the morning and Addelyn joined to help too. We have a wonderful family and Addelyn was spoiled with many fun gifts. It was a great way to start our Christmas celebration.

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kristie schaul said...

Aw! thanks for sharing Kris! It IS such an amazing feeling you have wonderful family and friends that surround you! We are very blessed! :)