Monday, July 11, 2011

car talk

Addelyn and I had a great conversation in the car this morning, as we talked about what it means to show someone you love them. Ever feel like you are getting deep with a three year old and then, wait, you remember- they are a three year old!?

Addelyn: (out of the blue this conversation started) "Mom, I love you. I love Dad. I love Jace. I love my friends."
Me: "Addelyn, what are ways you can show someone you love them?"
Addelyn: "Play with them."
Me: "Yep! Spending time together is a great way to show someone you love them. How else can you do that?"
Addelyn: "Um, you could share with can tell them 'I love you'.....or when you get older, you can jump over fences!"


Becky Bartlett said...

She must have gotten that from Dave H. I think that's his love language! :)

The Hansen's said...

Ah, Becky beat me to the comment... ha! I also think she must feel Dave's love language as he jumps over fences, cars, her, couches, you get the idea :) Too funny!

Jill said...

:) Maybe she's so smart and she means metaphorically like jumping over fences/bending over backwards for people :) Love her and that lil mind!