Friday, July 8, 2011

one month

This first month of Jace's life has FLOWN BY! He is already 10 lbs, 13 oz. (We had a doctor appointment yesterday because sad to say, the little buddy already has gone through his first cold). I was concerned about it moving into his lungs so we went to get it checked out. He is a good little baby. Sleeping and eating is going pretty well. Some nights are better than others. He loves to snuggle up on my chest- it is one of his favorite places to be or he likes to be in a special "football" hold that only Mark does with him. He seems to respond well to his sister- who is often hanging out only centimeters from his face. Unless she bugs him too much- then he isn't a fan.
Crazy that one month can go by and I already can't imagine what our life was like without him!

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Manfulls said...

cute pictures! I was just ordering tie stickers similiar to those, love them :)