Sunday, July 3, 2011

"quiet time"

Oh Quiet Time. Quiet time has replaced nap time at our house. Some days Addelyn is having a very hard time napping so we are trying "quiet time." Each day she has to spend some time in her room- either napping or playing by herself. Some days quiet time turns into trouble. Although I have a baby monitor on- and would think I can hear every move she makes- this girl is stealth. The other day it was so quiet upstairs I assumed a nap was happening. Until Addelyn came down to tell on herself (the best part- she tattles on herself!) She had her fingers covered with band aids, my headband on, and her mouth filled with cough drops. I immediately knew it was going to be trouble. She had gotten into our closet that holds toiletries/towels/etc. I went upstairs to find the messes below. She had used her bathroom stool, climbed up the shelves, and got into the medicine basket. Before you get worried, she didn't open any was scattered all over though!

Every single Dora band aid was used. Both baby and Addelyn were covered!

The medicine mess....

Proof of the destruction (plus the cough drops in her mouth)

Oh this little girl. These are the words I would use to describe her. Creative, innovative, a visionary, inspired.....should I go on?

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