Saturday, July 30, 2011

so thankful

Sometimes I focus so much on our blog about the kiddos I forget to mention what a great hubby I have. Crazy to think how life has changed so much in these five years of marriage so far. Now we have two kids, weird! He is a wonderful dad who continually surprises me with how great he is with the kids and also what a partner he is in life. He is the guy that gets up at night to swaddle Jace after I feed him (mostly because he does it better, which means better sleep!), who takes the kids outside to play while I take a nap, and who I can still have a great night out with- watching the Nadas and getting pizza at 1 am. Love it. I actually have a picture of the two of us- from my cousin's wedding four weeks after having Jace- in front of the state capital. I love my husband!

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Anonymous said...

Great pic of you guys!!