Friday, February 3, 2012

7 months

Since Jace is almost eight months old, I figured I'd better get this seven month post up! Ahh the fun of a seven month old. We love this little buddy. At seven months, Jace started clapping. He often claps if you say "clap" and show him.

He is continuously harassed by his older sister but every once in awhile, he gets her! Here he goes, trying to grab her.

The lean forward- he does this often, trying to get to the crawl position. He is scooting now- only knows how to go backward though. He gets pretty frustrated at this point- he knows where he wants to go but can't always get there.

This face is my favorite. I think it comes from his new top teeth coming in- he is trying to feel them but he makes this face often and it looks so funny!

See those two top teeth coming in? Yep, those teeth have cost us sleep this seventh month of life!

He loves to stand (with help of course!) One of his favorite positions to be in.
Other things at the 7th month: He isn't eating his solids as well. I'm nervous he is going to be like his dad and not like the textures of lots of foods. He often gags himself when he eats- it has made dinner time interesting. He loves any fruit and never gags eating fruit but always gags eating peas, green beans, or anything with more texture. I try to push through and get him to keep eating which sometimes works out and sometimes does not, if you know what I'm saying. Otherwise, it is basically giving up after the first bite. Ahhh. Not sure what to do about this one. I feel like he chooses to gag because if we distract him, he'll stop. Addelyn LOVED eating all foods when she was little. But our Jacers may be a little more picky!
He is still nursing well so that is good- even though he is wiggly and easily distracted thanks to his sis, who finds distracting him a game. We hit a rough patch- I started to lose my milk supply but now I'm back to normal, I think. We had some rough weeks at night in there- new teeth and low milk supply equal a baby who is up A LOT at night. I think in Jacer's seventh month of life, we got to see lots of him during those early morning hours. Some day, we will only remember the sweet moments of rocking him- right? It is hard to be frustrated with this boy though- in the day hours- he naps perfectly, is very laid back and sweet, and gives us lots more smiles and laughs these days. We love you Jacers!

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