Sunday, February 19, 2012

wisconsin dells vacation

Our friends Dave and Jess and family and their cousins take a Wisconsin Dells vacation every year. A great, affordable family time and this year, they "allowed" us in on their vacation deal. Thanks you guys! We got a great deal to stay in an awesome suite and roomed with our friends, Jonny and Katie and their two girls. We had a blast. Some great family time, fun friend time, and a time away from the usual day to day routine at home. There are three attached water parks to where we stayed, an arcade, and an indoor park. Great memories made! (Not necessarily a relaxing vacation though- this was my first official vacation with kids. Yep, it will never be relaxing again I believe. But worth it! I did get a few extra naps.) Above is a pic with our "roomies" - dining together at night. Gotta love the fun that happens around the dining room table!

Austin, Avery, and Addelyn had a blast in the whirlpool tub the last night. You could hardly see them in the midst of the bubbles!

I love this picture. The girls just loving on Jonny.

My most favorite boys in the world.

The "boys" went on the fun slides together.

This green slide was a little more my size, haha. Addelyn LOVED this slide. She was so brave- kept going on it over and over and over- head first, on her side, and even went down with Avery once when she was a little scared.

I had to post this picture of Dave with his usual smile when holding a baby. Too funny. Dave was having much more fun than he would let on!

Aren't these two cute little babies, hanging out on the mat together (their usual spot!)

Addelyn often was over on the mat, "checking on" the babies. Thankfully, having Avery there to play with distracted her from spending too much time harassing the babies.

One night, we took a break from cooking to go out to a restaurant. It was fun, the food was brought over on a train so that definitely kept the kids entertained. There were also toys brought on the train too! And we all got to wear hats, woot woot! Oh the family fun.

More fun at Buffalo Phils!
Jace chilling in the stroller, doesn't he look excited!?

Arcade time!

Yeah, you never knew it but I'm a bike rider.

My cute little swimmer boy. He loved the water.

Two happy kiddos. Wisconsin Dells vacation 2012. Success.

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