Monday, August 1, 2011

a different option

I LOVE these granola bars. And they actually are better for you than most granola bars you'll find. But I've started a dairy free diet for the sake of Jace (that is another story for another time.) So I'm having to change my diet A LOT. Have you ever realized how many dairy products are in many foods you eat? I am reading lots of labels. Goodbye to my favorite on-the-run breakfast. Good news is....I made my own granola bars and they are amazing! Plus, they are better for you AND easy. I made them with dark chocolate (yes, the special non-dairy chips) and dried cherry. I substituted flaxseed meal for the wheat germ. This recipe was passed on to me by my sister-in-law and they are great for you granola bar lovers. I'm thinking now I won't feel like I'm giving Addelyn a candy bar when I let her have a granola bar!!!

P.S. If you have good suggestions for dairy free recipes, eating tips, etc....I'd welcome your thoughts!


Tami (Primus) Ford said...

Oh Kristin-
I feel your pain, I had to give up dairy for Charlie (and made it for nearly 11 mos.).

I grew to like soy and almond milk (liked the vanilla flavors, best). I substituted avocado for cheese on sandwiches. Gave up pizza (would eat my husband's crusts). people got really tried of me asking 'is there milk in this', but I can do it, ANYONE can.

Have you tried the banana 'ice cream' using just frozen bananas?

After a few monthes I would try to introduce milk (to my diet) to see if his sensitivity settled. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes we had messy results.

Feel free to e-mail or Facebook me if you need any more suggestions.

hang in there!

kristie schaul said...

Jenna is an expert! She did the same thing when she had Carter. I'm sure she has amazing ideas for you!

The Hansen's said...

Oh no! Not fun... when I had to do this for Austin I ate A LOT of salads and made a lot of fruit smoothies :) Poor Jace man... hope the no dairy thing helps!!!

Jen said...

Oh dear. I feel your pain. For me it took a month of whining about not having anything to eat before I finally adjusted to it. I am going to send you a book to borrow that is super helpful and has tons of recipes. And then seriously call me, even if you just want to whine ;)

shane and jackee said...

Hi Kris!

I thought I'd comment on your post, not because I can relate myself to having a dairy-free diet, but I cook for a little boy that can't have it! Isaiah can't have any dairy, eggs, nuts, meat, or anything else with protein, because of his PKU. And I can relate to reading EVERY lable and trying to get creative with food!

We've basically found that fruits and veggies is where it's at! They are a great snack/side dish, and sometimes even a whole meal! Smoothies (non-dairy, of course) and salads are a great suggestion! Zay eats Sorbet instead of ice cream. And they do make a non-dairy cheese (I think HyVee carries it) tastes 'ok', but I'm pretty sure there isn't much nutritional value! Good luck and good job for sticking with it for your little man! :)