Sunday, August 7, 2011


Check out these pics of the two kiddos, Carter and Addelyn. When we had a get together with Mark's high school/college friends and families a few weeks ago (who I must add are pretty wonderful people!)- Carter and Addelyn had a blast playing together. They are six months apart. They were busy at play on Sunday afternoon and little did I know, they had grabbed my camera and snuck to a far corner of the bedroom. I noticed these pics a few days later- and when I asked Addelyn- she admitted to taking pics with Carter in the corner! (They actually did pretty well with their picture taking skills). Can't you just imagine how sneaky they thought they were being and how funny it would have been to listen to their conversations as they plotted together and took pics?


Jen said...

Oh this is just too cute! Thanks for posting these. Just think what we will be dealing with in a few years when they get better at being sneaky.

kristie schaul said...

I. LOVE. THIS. !!!!! Those are two fantastic kiddos! :)