Sunday, August 28, 2011

time with mom

I've noticed how important it is for Addelyn to have special time with me (where I'm not focused on Jace and his needs). That crucial time can make a world of difference in her behavior. So I'm really trying to make a point to do special things together. Or maybe better put- to do ordinary things together and make them special!

Flour letter tracing turned into a flour bath! She told me she was shaving her arms! I decided to roll with it and let her make a mess....

Frog snack! This was a fun one we made (and ate!) together!

Youth Pavilion- Last week was $1 day at the Youth Pavilion. This is such a great kids place- and Addelyn loves it. My mom was still on summer break so we left Jace with her and Addelyn and I went for a few hours. We had a lot of fun together and even had a little lunch date out! We called it our special Mommy/Daughter date! Oh the fun. I got a few pictures- Addelyn is anti-photos these days so we do what we can. Note that she is not smiling! I promise we were enjoying ourselves!
I get excited for the future- lots of special Mommy/Daughter days. Addelyn is SUCH a Daddy's I have realized it is always going to be important for the two of us to work hard at being connected and for me to give her special time and focus.

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