Sunday, January 8, 2012

6 months

I am not a good blogger these days. Just have had too much going on to sit at the computer to blog. I realize how behind I am when my six month post for Jacers isn't going up til he is seven months. Along with Addelyn's fourth birthday, which is still yet to come. So here is our little buddy at his half birthday! Crazy, a half of year with this sweet little man already. We love him so much! Jacers, you have definitely brought much joy to our lives!

Love that toothy grin- those bottom teeth arrived at four months- and now he is working on his top two teeth!
I will eat you six months! Ahhh the months of him trying to eat/rip/play with the month sign have began!
Addelyn has felt left out of the picture shoots with the monthly stickers lately so instead of her being onry the whole time I tried to take pics, I tried a different approach this time. She got to wear a onesie like Jace- you must note- a 12 month sized one- and she took the same pictures. She loved this idea and had a blast. We laughed a lot this photo shoot!

At six months, Jace is:
*eating different foods pretty well at dinner time, depends on the day though, he has figured out he can spit too so sometimes Mark or I will wear more of it.
*Goes to bed around 7:30 pm- gets up once or twice a night to eat, usually up between 5:30-6:30 am (an early riser, oh no!!!!)
*Giggles lots, but will give you his serious face too. Gotta love that serious look- he is trying to figure out the world!
*Sits up well without support- his favorite position to be in these days
*Likes to play with, grab toys (and anything else in his way- which means we really have to watch the little toys these days that Addelyn got for her fourth birthday!)
*Rolls over well, can push up on his arms well, scoots a little to grab for a toy but not much. Is starting to act like he wants to go places though, yikes!!!
*Is an easy going little guy!

Can you see the love? And the 4 year old tie she has on? Gotta love it!


Jill said...

Ha ha. Love the onesies. Esp. on Addelyn---can't believe she fit into it!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of Jacers in his lil onesie. Love those cute chubby legs! :)