Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christmas at home

I love the traditions that are starting to form for our family around Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we serve at church during one service (this year we did nursery) and also go to one of the services together. Then we come home and the kids get to open one present- their new Christmas pjs. They put them on, read the Christmas story, and then start our movie night (complete with popcorn and smoothies and a bed on the floor). Of course, Jace missed out on most of this fun but he caught the beginning of our movie time.

The next morning we wake up (bright and early of course) to open presents and eat breakfast.

Jace was excited!

Stocking time!

Jace got Addelyn a new stuffed puppy. By the way, this puppy is the new favorite. She carries it around, sleeps with it, and calls it Lucy. Good pick little brother!

A book to share!

A school desk, exciting!

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus! What a great day and celebration of the birth of our Savior.

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