Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christmas 2011 catchup

My blogging (which is my scrapbook) has been behind. I'm trying to get Christmas caught up on before February arrives! So here are some of our special Christmas memories. We spent some time in Ackley with my Mom and Tanner. The guys actually took Tanner to a movie in the afternoon which was fun for them while the gals hung out at the house.

What a wonderful Grandma!

Aunt Jiller, we love you!

The girls with our Christmas socks. This is a tradition. My sis buys us sweet, weird Christmas socks every year. We wear them while we open gifts. The best part of this picture is you see the beginning of a tantrum. Addelyn didn't get special socks and she was upset. So she was trying to remove mine for the pic. I ended up losing a reindeer head in this tantrum! Ahh the reality of kids over the holidays. There are good, beautiful moments- and then real and ugly ones too.

Don't I look hot with long blonde hair?

Christmas treats, yum! We have a little baker! This girl LOVES making treats, especially ones to deliver to other people.

She actually made these treats with Daddy. Impressive huh?

All dressed up for the DTI Christmas party, Mark's work crew. Don't we look awesome in our amazing Christmas outfits?! It is an "Ugly Christmas party" where you are supposed to show up in an ugly sweater or outfit.

More Christmas updates to come! What a wonderful Christmas season we had.

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Jill said...

Lol--well I'm a bad aunt for not including her in the Christmas sock tradition---next year for sure! :)