Tuesday, January 17, 2012

four years old

I'm a little behind on my blog posts but here we go on the catch up. On December 11th, our little girl turned four! I don't know where the four years went but I would say this last four years has been the biggest life changing four years ever. Being a parent to this wonderful little girl is incredible and challenging all wrapped up into one. Every day she keeps us on our toes.

Addelyn's birthday weekend always seems to be busy- right before Christmas. Last year we moved into our new house the same weekend so at least this year was a little less crazy! Friday night, we had a little "party." We decided a big party didn't need to happen- Addelyn is young enough that we let her invite two friends over instead of throwing a big party. It was a bummer at first, one friend couldn't end up coming so she ended up having a birthday "play date" with her buddy Austin. They ended up having a blast, just the two of them. We went to the bouncy house at the mall, made homemade pizzas, and had some "Dora games." Swiper even hid the cupcakes and the kids had to find them.

Saturday, we went to serve at the Craft Fair, which is a part of the ministry "Christmas in Walnut" that our church has partnered in the past few years. I have served at the Craft Fair every year and now it is fun for Addelyn to be able to come along too. We had some good quality time together, making crafts and helping other kids make crafts too. That afternoon was the family party. Addelyn had lots of fun having the family over for her favorite dinner that she chose, spaghetti. She got lots of fun presents- I'd say this year was the Rapunzel theme (she loves Tangled!) I even made a little cake. I'm not going to lie, I didn't have the energy to go crazy and make a cool cake. There was just too much going. So I was happy with the easiest cake decorating idea ever, see below!

For Addelyn's birthday, she got a "big girl bed" from us. She has loved this bed. I wasn't sure if it would be a hard transition but it has been great. We decided we needed to have a bigger bed in one of the kid's rooms so we would have a place when guests come to stay. Crazy to think, we bought her a mattress that she will probably have til she goes to college. Weird to even say that.

At four years, Addelyn is a smart, creative, spunky little girl. She has shy moments and very bold moments. She likes to be social but also thrives on time at home- not on the go. She loves playing with her little friends, loves her stuffed puppies (Lucy 1 and Lucy 2), dislikes having her hair brushed (I would say I almost need a stronger word here than dislike!), likes dessert, has a good sense of humor, loves her brother, tests us often, some days has a hard time listening, asks amazing and hilarious questions ("Where do raccoons go potty?"- yesterday's question), likes to play babies, doctor, and school, is a little bossy- I'd like to call it leadership, and is just a sweet hearted little girl. She is asking us daily when she can get a puppy.
We love you Addelyn, and are so thankful for the past four years of your life. It is going to be so fun to watch you grow up into the woman that God has made you to be.

the masterpiece!

Family party time!

Look where Swiper hid the cupcakes! In Mom's closet!

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